The removal of hair has always been a source of frustration for both men and women. Today, the trend of laser hair removal in Orange County is gaining great popularity because of its permanency and minimal amount of pain, making it easier for you to get rid of unwanted hair. This simple process is effective for many people who have hair in areas they would rather not have to deal with on a daily basis.


When you have hair removed through the process of laser technology, a beam of light that is invisible to the naked eye is used. Combined with constant heat, the hair follicles are stimulated, destroying them right at the root, permanently removing the hair from that area. This simple and painless procedure leaves the skin surrounding the area undisturbed, making it an option, even for people with sensitive skin.


The darker a person’s hair, the more successful laser hair removal in Orange County will be for them. This is the case simply because the laser beam looks for dark melanin and targets those follicles. If you have dark hair and fair skin, the follicles can be easily located and removed by the laser.


Most people undergo several treatments to have their hair removed by laser. During your treatments, you will go through the same steps each time. The aesthetician will start by cleaning and shaving the targeted area. They finish working on the area with a cream that gently numbs the skin to make the process painless. Once the area is prepared, the laser is brought over the areas. The light is absorbed by the skin, destroying the hair follicles. There is typically no pain; patients simply experience a feeling of itchiness. After the procedure, it is typically necessary to keep the area moisturized with aloe vera or a similar moisturizer to avoid irritation and drying of the skin.

Laser hair removal in Orange County is a pain-free way to get rid of unwanted hair on various areas of your body. If you are dark haired and fair skinned, you will have a higher success rate of permanently removing your hair. It is important to find a qualified aesthetician to perform the procedure to ensure the safety of your skin, as well as the success of the procedure.

Laser hair removal in Orange County is a revolutionary way of getting rid of unwanted hair. For more information about laser hair removal, visit the website of Complexions Day Spa.