When visiting a hair stylist, Pembroke Pines women might have the goal of changing their hair to help them look younger. Although specific solutions will be individual and should be discussed with your hair stylist, here are a few general solutions for how to look younger after your hair style.

Try bangs. Bangs simply make you look younger and are avoided by many teenagers for that very reason. Talk to your hair stylist about the best style of bangs for you, but it is generally best to avoid short or sharp bangs. Bangs can highlight your eyes and cover up wrinkles and lines on your forehead. Shorten hair with flowing layers. Your hair stylist can change your entire look with layers. Make sure you understand what you are getting into before you let the stylist take the scissors to your hair, but if you have a good hair stylist, the right layers can take years off of your appearance. Avoid harsh layers like the plague – this hair style can make you appear stern and prudish, which are not qualities often associated with young people.

Lighten (or darken) your hair color. If your hair color is creating too much (or not enough) contrast with your face, try changing it. Once again, a good hair stylist will talk with you about the process and make personalized recommendations. Make sure that your hair color is always darker than your skin tone, and if you want to lighten it, try highlights. Your skin can appear pale and washed out if your hair is either too light or too dark.

Cut layers to hide wrinkles. Hair can be a great cover for wrinkles that you don’t want anyone to see. Longer layers of hair can hide neck wrinkles, and bangs can hide forehead wrinkles. Short layers around the face can take attention away from wrinkles and move it towards your mouth and eyes. Hair will probably not be able to hide all your wrinkles, as there are certain parts of your face you really don’t want hair covering. But hopefully, a good hair stylist would never give you a haircut that covered too much of your face.

During their regular trip to the hair stylist, Pembroke Pines women should talk to their stylist about whether or not their cut is aging them. Keeping these points in mind, they can come up with a personalized hair style that can take years off their appearance in only an hour or two. It’s certainly much cheaper and easier than plastic surgery!

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