In a world where you wouldn’t find card collecting a wee bit weird and nerdy any longer, there are only three giant companies that baseball fans and card collectors alike give so many thumbs-up for their so-called enabling of closer fan experience. Nothing could be sweeter than this! These card giants include your very own favorite Upper Deck, Panini, and Topps. Of course, your first thought would be that there are other bigger and more established companies out there that also thrive in manufacturing and distributing trading sports cards. But nonetheless, you are about to have a more in-depth approach to the three leading companies.

For most card collectors and aficionados, these companies have been very popular to them since the advent of card trading and collecting. For instance, Topps trading cards made a name in the sports industry for so long it’s been deemed a household name for some. Every sports card company boasts of their own unique and definite assets to selling baseball cards. It’s not unavoidable to compete with each other in the name of business, but that’s healthy competition because the three big companies vow to top each other by manufacturing unique, popular, and interesting cards that will be in demand in the market for quite some time. Here are some of the high-end companies you may find definitely attractive, just like ambrosia from the gods of baseball.

As for Panini America, it is deemed as one of the high-end and most popular trading card company not just in the United States but in other countries as well. They won’t be deemed a famous company if not for their eye-catching collections that are always anticipated for release with exhilarating adrenaline. Some of their cards include Autographed Relics, multiple signature items, and autographed ones as well.

Then there are the ever in-demand Topps trading cards; and for the record, it is deemed one of the earliest trading card giants in America. First established in 1938, the company goes back a long way to their hefty connection with the number one cigarette manufacturer in the country which was founded in the late 1800s. You may give the credit for your love of baseball to the man who started it all, Sy Berger, the founder of the company.

At present, Topps still thrives in producing your number one sports cards and it is a giant in the business fighting against other equally big competitors. You may recall the Topps Five Star, one of their best, which comes in thickly printed cards and individually packed in tins, with 8 cards inside for each tin. You’d definitely feel the genuine exquisiteness of the cards the moment you run your fingers through them.

Don’t forget about the upper deck cards which first started to take over card-collecting back in 1988. Aside from sports mementos, they have also mass-produced computer games-inspire figurines like those characters on World of Warcraft. At present, the company is by far the very first sports trading card company that’s able to reflect and mass produce cards from esteemed sports enthusiasts.

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