When shopping for a jewelry safe, you might find that there is a wide selection. It is important however, that you pay attention to the type of lock. Your safe’s lock can be changed at a later date, however, you never know when a robbery could occur so it is advisable that you simply choose the lock you want in the beginning. You want to be sure that you are looking into locks that have been tested by United Laboratories (UL). They are high security locks that will give you the protection you need for your jewelry. You should understand that there are three different styles of locks you can choose from that are tested by UL. Understanding the differences between them and the benefits they offer is key to getting the lock that you need.

Tumbler Lock

The tumbler lock is created to have a solid look. However, if you’ve never dealt with a jewelry safe lock before, this could prove to be difficult to open. It is a high security combination lock which usually has a three digit combination. There is a strategy in which you must adhere to in order to open the lock. For those who feel it is not complicated, they do feel that it can be a bit time consuming to open. With that being said it offers a high level of security against burglars, but a pain for most owners.

Digital Locks

More convenient for owners, the digital lock on a jewelry safe has become a very popular choice. You are able to set your own locking combination as well as have the ability to change it for any reason. These high security safes offer a lock out mechanism which enables burglars from trying more than once to open it with failed codes. In fact after only three tries you are locked out of the safe for a period of twenty minutes. Replacing the batteries in the safe are typically easy and they usually require a 9-volt battery. They offer a convenient, fast way for you to get in and out of your safe while keeping the burglars out.

Fingerprint Lock

One of the more expensive versions and still newer to the common public are fingerprint locks. They take digital jewelry safe locks to another level adding an extra layer of security. Instead of having a code combination that you put in it requires that you place your fingerprint for recognition. If they don’t recognize your finger, you’re not getting in. These have proven to be very reliable especially to jewelry owners with high value property.

As you being to look for the type of jewelry safe lock you want, you must always remember to do a comparison. Make sure that you’re checking the test ratings as they are there for a reason. Before going out on a limb and purchasing the wrong case, you should consult with someone who knows a lot about safes. It could save you a lot of time, money, and energy. Make sure you weigh all options and don’t let price be your only determining factor. If you really want to protect your belongings money should not be much of an object.

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