Valentine’s Day is special to many as this is the one day of the year put aside for you to commemorate the love that you share with that special someone in your life. There are numerous ways that you could choose to express your love on this day. Popular choices tend to be flowers, balloons, chocolates, a romantic get-away and so on. Ultimately your choice on how you will spend this day with your loved one will depend on your personal tastes as well as the budget that you have set aside. If you would like to give that special someone something that is heartfelt, you could opt for a valentine cake. There are several ways that you can add a sweet touch to this occasion by opting for such a cake.

  1. A cupcake cake: This type of valentine cake will comprises of many cupcakes arranged to make one cake. You can buy the cupcakes from a bakery or make them yourself at home. Since this is for Valentine’s Day, you should pick out cupcakes that are either pink or red or perhaps a mixture of both colors to make it look more festive. One you have the cupcakes, you could either choose to have them decorated at the store or buy plain ones that you can decorate on your own at home. Spell out a message in frosting on the cupcakes or decorate each of them with an individual message. Once this is done, arrange the cupcakes in a heart shaped box so as to make them look like one big cake.
  1. A picture perfect cake: With this type of valentine cake, you get an image emblazoned on the cake. A large number of bakeries can do this for you with the frosting that they will put on the cake. To make it special, pick out a picture that reminds the two of you of a fond memory. This could be of one when you first started dating or perhaps when you were on vacation together. The more personal the picture, the more heartfelt the cake will be. You could also have a special message included on the cake which will make it even more special.
  1. Fruit and flowers cake: This is a great way of incorporating both flowers as well a cake in your valentine’s day celebrations. With this type of valentine cake, you can opt for two cakes in one. The first cake should have some of your partner’s favorite fruits incorporated into it. If they love strawberries or even pineapples, you can have the bakery of your choice bake a cake that will have those fruits. The second cake should then be garnished with some edible roses on top thus making it perfect for your valentine’s day. You have the option of having these two cakes mounted atop each other or having them separately.

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