It is important to check the authenticity of items such as antiques and priceless sports autographs before you decide to buy. You should be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to prove that an item is original and legit. Most collectors of autographs in NJ will insist on getting authentication before making a purchase.

Certificate of Authenticity is piece of paper that states and gives details about an item. Most sports memorabilia like autographs contain few details. They are usually very general and precise and will include the name of the player and the date the autograph was signed.

There is quite a number of signed autographs from NJ due to a high number of players from the state. Lately, you will find most companies attaching hologram stickers to the certificates of authentication. However, you will find that the amount of details listed on such a certificate will vary from one company to another. You can easily verify the authenticity by entering the number on their website.

A certificate of authenticity is essential as it acts as prove that an item is original and valid. Most companies have replica or facsimile products thus it is important to get a closer look at the signature before purchase. Items such as collector plates are also issued with an authentication document but one might be sold fake items by a con artist if they are not keen.

You should do some thorough research on an item before making a purchase because an item can only be worthy if it can be backed up by the company. Ask your local dealer about the item and if you get any suspicious feelings, avoid buying it.

When buying antiques you should follow some guidelines:

  1. Always insist on buying from reputable dealers and people with good track record. Check online for comments and reviews from past clients.
  2. It is always difficult to forge commemorative plates or coins, therefore a detailed description about the property is never necessary. Facsimile signatures are usually forged even though they are good.
  3. When dealing with autographed items, ensure that the certificate of authenticity is signed and it clearly states the athlete’s name and date when it was signed. Issuing of certificates of authentication and matching hologram stickers has become common among major companies so as to try and fight forgeries.
  4. Getting a license from any of the major leagues such as MLB, NHL, NBA, and NHL is never easy. The Highland Mint is one of he best companies in the business and can produce licensed merchandise for all leagues.

Whether you are getting autographs in NJ or any other state, it is important that you ensure that they are original and valid.

A certificate of authentication is necessary especially when buying a valuable item. To get more details on authentication of antiques & autographs New Jersey area, you can visit