Perhaps second only to the bridal gown, the wedding cake is an integral part of any bride’s dream wedding day. The wedding cake is not only there to feed all of the guests, it is there to be the centerpiece of the entire reception. That is why more and more brides are interested in making sure that their wedding cake is as much a reflection of their personality and their tastes as their wedding dress.

Of course, wedding cakes run the gamut in size and intricacy. Smaller weddings obviously do not require a huge cake. However, even small cakes can become stellar showcases when the right baker and cake artist set their hands to the task. There are designer wedding cakes available in most any size and for a wide range of budgets.

As mentioned, designer wedding cakes are often created not only to carry through with the design scheme of the wedding but also to be a reflection of the bride or the couple. Therefore, wedding cakes are no longer restricted to the traditional white, three-tiered cake. Indeed, wedding cakes now come in an almost infinite variety of shapes. Besides the traditional round and rectangular shapes, polygons and even topsy-turvy type cakes have become increasingly popular.

In addition, designer wedding cakes are offered in a rainbow of colors and color schemes. Design schemes for weddings are no longer restricted to the traditional white dress and pastel color palette. Today’s brides are purchasing dresses in many non-traditional colors that broaden the overall color schemes of their wedding party. Theme weddings are also contributing to the expansion of colors used in weddings. Additionally, many brides today are having their second wedding. These brides often feel even more freedom to break away from a traditional wedding scheme. Since many cakes are a reflection of the wedding’s theme, it is fortunate that these cakes can be created to encompass the expanding bridal color palette.

Decorations on designer wedding cakes are also evolving. Traditional cakes often featured flowers and other greenery as decorations. These embellishments were sometimes actual fresh flowers but were often creations crafted out of sugar and icing. Modern cake designers are taking this craft in new directions and making a myriad of different sugar and icing decorations to beautify cakes.

Other mediums are also being incorporated into wedding cake decorations. There are embellishments available that look like silver and gold or other metals in a variety of shapes that are edible. Edible powders exist that can be brushed over surfaces of the cake that make that surface look pearlescent or give it a metallic sheen. There are even paints that are flavorless and safe for consumption that can be used to paint intricate designs on a canvass of rolled fondant. Designs are almost limitless.

Designer wedding cakes are an important part of a modern bride’s most important day. With the right baker and cake artist, a bride’s dream vision can be made a reality.

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