The strawberry shortcake is one of the most common desserts. For instance, it is considered to be America’s favorite dessert. The history of this cake dates many years back. The ‘short’ part of the name implies that there is use of fat in making the cake. In other parts of the world such as England, the word shortcake is synonymous with the Scottish shortbread which is a crisp and butter-rich cookie-like pastry. In the United States of America, shortcake means a rich pastry enclosing fruits and it is a very common delicacy. For instance, the strawberry shortcake features pastry together with strawberry fruits.

In the contemporary world however, there are numerous variations of the original strawberry shortcake and they feature pound cake, angel food cake and sponge cake to name just but a few. However, the traditional shortcake is made from sweetened biscuit pastry, plenty of sliced strawberries and a generous drop of whipped cream. The combination of these delicacies results into an amazing taste. No wonder many people prefer having the shortcakes as dessert. Their amazing taste and flavor comes second to none.

The recipes used in making the strawberry shortcake may vary from one baker to the other. Different bakers may employ different baking procedures and thus the difference in the recipes. However, the concept employed in making the shortcakes is similar and even more so, the ingredients used in making the shortcakes are also similar. Given the use of similar ingredients the end results for the strawberry shortcakes are similar. As long as you buy from experienced bakers, you can be sure of getting sumptuous cakes. There are many outlets from which you can buy the strawberry shortcakes but it is imperative to be careful and ensure that you buy from reputable bakers. The level of expertise and experience possessed by a baker will go a long way in determining the quality of cakes he makes.

Alternatively, you may opt to make strawberry shortcake at home. As you do this, you will need to be armed with the right procedures on how to conduct the process. For instance, you need to have a well outlined recipe. You may access a recipe for making shortcakes by browsing through the Internet.

Many bakers maintain online websites and in such websites, they post some recipes on how to make some delicacies. Once you have the recipe in handy, you have to proceed to acquire the necessary ingredients and in the case of cupcakes, the ingredients include cream and strawberries among others.

Being a common delicacy, the strawberry shortcake can be accessed in many cake outlets. Just like other delicacies, the cake is offered at affordable prices making it affordable to a wide market segment.

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