Planning a funeral is not a pleasant experience at any time, but it is harder on the family to make final arrangements when they are dealing with the loss of a loved one. That is why it is a good idea to let your family members know your wishes ahead of time. Preplanning your funeral makes a difficult time easier for your family and assures you that everything will be done to your specifications.

The first decision that has to be made is whether you want to be cremated or have a traditional burial. When there is concern over the cost of a funeral some people opt for Cremation Ledyard because it usually costs less. Contrary to what you have heard about cremation services, you can still have an open casket and viewing so that family and friends can say their goodbyes. After the cremation your remains can be placed in a decorative urn of your choosing, or your family can scatter them at a place that is near to your heart. If this type of service interests you, contact a funeral director about Cremation In Ledyard.

If you prefer a more traditional burial service, you can meet with the funeral director and make all your final arrangements in advance. Your family members can accompany you and be a part of the decision making. At this time you can select a casket, clothes to be buried in, music you wish to have played, who you want to be pallbearers, and pick out memorials and thank you cards. You can make the funeral director aware of any organizations you belong to who will be holding special services during the viewing. All that’s left for your family members to do is notify the person who will be performing the funeral service and order flowers.

Whether you choose Cremation Ledyard or to be buried in the family cemetery plot, you can preplan your entire funeral service and also prepay for it. Just imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing that this emotional and financial burden has been lifted from your family’s shoulders.

Whether you choose Cremation Ledyard or to be buried in the family cemetery plot, Mystic Funeral Home can preplan your entire funeral service.