Few antique tractors are as revered as the Ford 8n. Not only are they still a joy to drive, but they are still considered to be quite reliable as long as proper maintenance is followed. Here are some fun and fast facts about 8n Ford tractor parts.


A Ford 8n has what is known as a straight stick. What this means is that the shifter is directly linked to the transmission. Over time the shifter will suffer from grinding issues and will pop out of gear. You will want to repair the gears at this time so that more parts are not needed.


When it comes to transmission fluid or hydraulic fluid, experts recommend conferring with professionals at an authorized Ford dealer. The main reason for this is because transmission fluid from the past is much thicker than the transmission typically used these days. If the tractor is not being used in the winter, the service department will likely recommend 80W90 mineral lube for gears.


Due to the relatively simple nature of the engine, it is not common for any 8n Ford tractor parts to overheat. The only reported problems have been improper torque but this is not a common issue. However, if it did happen, it could lead to minor leaking or a cracked gasket.

If you are looking for a tractor that is reliable and has the uncomplicated beauty and power of the “good old days,” a Ford 8n is surely one of your best bets.