Estate jewelry is profitable when sold despite its age. The three varieties of estate jewelry are antique, vintage and costume. Each ornament has its own storyline that should be investigated. Know how to sell jewelry properly so you receive the best sale prices. Be cautious before you deal with Estate Jewelry Buyers in Los Angeles.

First, find out what kind of jewelry you have. Look through the pieces to find the precious metals and jewels. Look for signs of fake jewelry, and try different detection tests. Real jewelry is harder and longer-lasting than the fake kind. Rub the pieces against a rock to see if any parts cave in or peel off. Also, review the shine, especially in the sun. Contact a trusted jeweler if you have doubts. This professional has the tools to look for authenticity.

Have your jewelry appraised before you go through with a sale. Estimate the right value before you accept any deal. Review the original receipt, and look up similar items online so you have ideas. A thorough appraisal includes details about color, age, design, condition and aesthetic value.

Use a qualified professional who will figure out details like the jewelry style and the time period when it was made. Know if the items were made on a mass scale or came in a handful. The rarer types are more valuable in the market. The professional uses a magnifying glass to check for identifying marks and missing parts. That is why it is important to keep a receipt that shows the exact specifications.

Cleaning your jewelry before a sale is important. Increase the value and the selling price. Inefficient cleaning will ruin the jewelry permanently. Extreme weather conditions will increase the ruin of jewelry, so keep your pieces in the right storage places. If a sale is out of the question, make a donation.

Estate jewels are valuable to anyone who loves items of the nostalgic past. The rules that concern estate jewelry are the same ones that concern other types. Review your selling options and figure out the value of your jewelry before moving ahead.

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