Shipping a vehicle rather than driving it across the county is an effective option for most people. For families with multiple vehicles, or for a single person with more than one car, using an auto transport service allows the family to not only travel together but to save the costs of fuel and wear and tear on more than one vehicle on the trip.

There are several important points to keep in mind when choosing an auto transport service. One of the most important is to find the best price possible, but also to ensure that price is for a highly rated, professional vehicle shipping service.

Consider Your Timetable

It is a common mistake when getting auto transporting quotes to assume all carriers quote the same prices for the same time period. Vehicles are moved to a location based on filling up the trailer, so the larger auto transport companies tend to offer shorter windows for delivery than smaller companies that have fewer overall vehicles to haul.

If having your vehicle at the new location in a specific period of time is critical, be sure to ask for a quote that allows for this window. Be sure to confirm the contract states the delivery window you have specified.

Do Your Homework

It may be tempting to simply use the first one or two companies offering auto transporting quotes and assume that is a good indication of the entire market. It does pay to shop around and to talk to different auto transport services.

Be sure to review any companies offering auto transporting quotes for your vehicle. Move. These reviews can be easily done through any online search engine, but remember to look for feedback and reviews on independent sites and not just the company’s website.

Not all auto transport services offer enclosed and open trailer types of transport services. Never assume the quote is for a specific type of transpcompanies offering auto transporting quotesort service, be specific in your request and verify this is indicated in the contract before hiring a service.