Moving always involves a degree of risk of damage to your possessions. A crosstown move to another area of Ridgewood can involve as much risk as a move to Trenton, NJ, Youngstown, OH, or Los Angeles, CA. Whether you are packing and moving yourself or are utilizing a professional moving company, there are certain measures that you can take to prevent or minimize damage to your furniture. With some planning beforehand and some care during the move, your possessions can arrive to your new house in ready to move-in condition.

One common way that moving companies prevent damage to furniture is to use furniture blankets. Wrapping furniture in a blanket enables the furniture to be stacked in order to gain valuable space on the moving truck. Moving companies know how to use furniture blankets to keep your furniture from being scratched or scraped during loading, unloading, and while in transit.

Another protective device moving companies use is a moving pad. Moving pads are helpful when moving large items such as pianos. Pads can be placed between large articles to help to provide some cushioning from jostling while in transit. Pads can also be placed on top of furniture so that smaller articles can be placed on top without fear of scratches.

Mattresses and box springs are easily damaged when moving. They can easily be torn from contact with other furniture. They are also susceptible to water damage should water somehow make it into the moving truck. One way to protect mattresses is to cover them with mattress covers. These plastic covers are durable and made to fit your particular mattress size, whether it is a mattress for a baby’s crib or a king sized mattress. The covers can also be put onto a set of box springs to protect from rips to the underside.

Finally, many items can be protected with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is especially helpful for protecting fragile items that contain glass or are antiques. Bubble wrap provides a gentle cushion to items so that they are less susceptible to breakage during a move. With bubble wrap, you can also pack fragile items together without fear of damage when they jostle into each other. And, if the pressure of moving becomes too much, popping a few bubbles on a sheet of bubble wrap provides some instant stress relief.

Various moving companies use their own methods for protecting your furniture and other possessions from damage. As you contact moving companies in the Ridgewood, New Jersey area, ask them what measures they have in place to protect your items. Also, ask them about any safety tips they have for you if you are going to be packing some of your own items.

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