Day trips are always a great way to explore a new city, and spend some wonderful time with near and dear ones. These are also an ideal way to see the best spots of the city, for those tourists, who are on a time crunch and have just a day in hand for sightseeing. If the city happens to be Pittsburgh, then there are plenty of options for one to choose from. Pittsburgh is an enchanting place, with something for everyone. People from all age groups are bound to find something interesting for themselves over here.

Day trips in Pittsburgh are often theme based, so that one can go on a trip that suits their interests the best. For instance, there are food-based trips, which help one explore the best dining and bakery spots of the city. The tour starts at the famous Baltic Mill, where all the registered tourists receive a complimentary pack of pancake mix. From there, they proceed to Amish home, where people can enjoy family style eating, with a delicious Peanut Butter Whipe. This is followed by more delights, such as going to the Hillcrest Orchard and enjoying a Cider sample. Other places to enjoy and try out samples at, include, Hershberger Bakery, Broad Run Cheese and Swiss Heritage Winery. This trip is best for those who want to explore the city’s cuisine, and take back some good bread, chocolates, wine, cheese and apples with them!

Then there are other kinds of day trips Pittsburgh, which help one explore the best sightseeing places in the city, such as Gravity Hill; Amish bulk Food Store, Bedford Springs Hotel and Resort, and Apple Orchard, and a tour of the covered bridges in the city. This trip is best for families, couples and other small groups, who have little time, but want to see whatever they can.

There are also special ‘holiday’ themed day trips, to take people around the hot and happening spots of the city, during fests and shows.

Tickets to all the day trips in Pittsburgh can be easily booked online, or purchased at leading travel and tourism centers across the city. Sometimes, the hotel staff of the hotel one is staying in also helps in booking the tickets of these day trips for their guests. A ‘Day Trips’ calendar is usually updated on the Internet for people to know well in advance which trip is happening when. Accordingly, they can decide and book their tickets.

These ‘day trips’ are quite affordable, and are the best way to experience the city quickly. These are guided tours, and those escorting give insights into the city’s past during the tour. Moreover, they also share other interesting information about the city from the point of view of a local, which helps one connect with the city at a closer level.

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