The ability to get tooth implants ready for your use in Gilroy CA can be handled through a simple procedure that is made to keep the implant working. The procedure has to be used with the intention of controlling your teeth the right way. The procedure for getting the implant ready involves making sure that the jaw is ready and the implant is made out right in the gums without risking anything slipping off of a spot.

Getting the Jaw Ready

The jaw is the first part to take a look at in the process. The jaw has to be treated by getting the right section ready for your implant. You have to get this ready if the implant is going to fit into your gums the right way. Here are some steps for how a dentist is going to get one of these tooth implants ready around the jaw: •

The dentist can examine x-rays involving what is going on in the teeth. This includes finding the right space to drill in. Sometimes a CT scan could be used for real time results. •

A hole is going to be drilled into a section of the jaw that does not have a tooth in it. The section is going to vary in accordance to the kind of tooth that has to be replaced. •

An implant can be measured based on the sizing that comes with the section of the jaw that is being handled.

Placing the Implant

The materials that have to be used in the area need to be treated carefully to make sure that things work well. The tooth implants in Gilroy CA that you need to get handled have to be treated carefully so you can keep your gums healthy and that the implant can actually stay in the area. The procedure is going to involve several different procedures that have to be taken care of well: •

The hole that was drilled is going to be opened up. This is used to add the screw into the gums. •

A cover screw is used to treat the dental site by covering up the inside part of the gums. This is also used to protect the screw so it does not slip or become damaged in any way. •

It should take a few months to get the area to heal up. You’ll have to use a temporary crown in this time. It shapes your area to keep it healthy so the implant can be handled. •

A material that holds your implant to the screw can be added after the area is healed. •

The actual implant that you can use should be added in the last part of the procedure.

Tooth implants have to be used carefully by a dentist in Gilroy CA. Your implants need to work carefully to make sure that your teeth are protected as well as possible. Be sure to take a look at how you are keeping your teeth maintained with appropriate controls from your implants as things are installed around the area that it is in.

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