Do you remember your first trip to the dentist? If so, you might remember being a little uncertain or anxious because you didn’t quite know what to expect. Like most people, you’ve probably grown out of that. But what do you do when it’s time to take your child to the dentist for the first time? Here are some tips to help you prepare your child for their first dental clinic Las Vegas visit.

Start Early

Most dental professionals agree that you should start early when it comes to taking your child to the dentist. In fact, their first dental visit should be no later than the age of two. The reason for this is because the primary teeth will begin to erupt between the ages of two and three years old. If you take your child by the time they are two, it will typically be nothing more than a routine checkup to make sure the gums are healthy. This will instill a sense of calmness in your child so when it comes time for their next visit, they won’t be so anxious about it.

Be Comfortable Yourself

Children can sense fear. Even if you don’t think you’re showing it, they will see it. That’s why it’s important to have a sense of calmness and comfort when you are taking your child to the dentist. If you are calm, your child won’t be as anxious as they would be if you are tense.

Never Talk about Your Past Dental Procedures

You can talk about procedures that you’ve had done at the dentist, but don’t ever let your child hear about it. Children have good imaginations and if they hear about some procedures, they may never want to step foot inside a dentist’s office. Always make sure they aren’t around so they don’t overhear your stories about painful dental procedures.

Never Threaten Them with a Dental Visit

This tip probably goes without saying, but threatening a visit to a dental clinic Las Vegas professional isn’t going to make your child comfortable about going. In fact, they will think they are being punished when it’s time to go to the dentist.

Be Honest

There will be times when your child is going to have questions about going to the dentist. The best thing to do is to be honest with them. If they ask if it’s going to hurt, be plain about what they may experience, but provide reassurance as well. Do tell them that they will get something special after the visit if they are brave about going through the process.

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