How well you take care of your teeth and gums can affect your overall health. Some studies have linked poor oral hygiene to such diseases as oral cancer and heart disease. The following are a few things that can affect your overall health that are linked to your oral health.

Sugar Intake

A diet that contains too much sugar can affect your oral health by causing tooth decay and several gum issues. The sugars develop teeth destroying acids that will leave you with unhealthy and frail teeth. If you must eat sugars, be sure your brush thoroughly after each meal that contains sugar. Click here


It has long been known that smoking tobacco is hazardous to your health on many different levels. Oral cancer is among the most severe side effect of continuous tobacco use. Smoking can interfere with the blood flow in your mouth and also lead to oral cancer. Less severe side effects include bad breath and staining of your teeth.


Drinking alcohol is bad for many different parts of your body including liver, kidneys and your mouth. As you drink your mouth becomes dehydrated which allows bacteria to attack your teeth. These bacteria can cause gum disease and tooth decay. You should avoid drinking on a regular basis, which will help to save your mouth and gums from damage.


At one time or another you will have to take medicines for some ailment. You should be aware of any medicines can affect your teeth or gums. There are over 200 over the counter medicines that have warnings that say they cause the drying up of saliva. Having a dry mouth means that it is more susceptible to bacteria and infection. Also some antibiotics are known to cause internal staining of your teeth. Being aware of warning labels and consulting a pharmacist before you take these medicines is recommended.

Understanding all the negative effects that are posed by these different substances will help you in your fight against tooth decay. Also a healthy diet that is rich in fiber and vegetables will be beneficial to your oral health.

Brushing your teeth and visiting a dentist is one of the main ways to keep your teeth healthy. If you have excessive discoloration your Family Dentist may also recommend Teeth Whitening in Glendora. Visit Deptford Family Dental for more information.