A home security alarm is one of the most worthwhile investments for ensuring the safety of your home and family. A correctly fitted and well maintained home security alarm can significantly reduce the chances of theft and crime at your home. A burglar alarm is aimed at alerting you of an unwanted intruder in your house or office. In used for several years now, the various home security alarms work on the simple principle that as soon as they detect an intruder, an alarm or siren is triggered. Over the years several high tech home alarms have been developed and most of them include programs for fire and hazard detection as well.

Choosing the Right Type of Home Security Alarm

A home security alarm can be a simple burglar alarm that is attached to the doors and windows of your house and gets activated as soon as it senses some untoward movement. Some other alarms also cover the outdoor portions of your house. The cost of a home alarm is dependant on the number of detectors placed in your home and the number of doors and windows covered by it. Some home security alarms are defined by the type of alarm used or whether they are stationary or mobile.

Home security alarms can also be part of complex multi layered systems that include intrusion detection devices besides several other types of monitors and detectors. Some other constituents of an advanced home security alarm system are:

  1. Security bars
  2. Detectors for glass break
  3. Motion sensors
  4. Heating and smoke monitors
  5. Security and surveillance cameras
  6. Communications systems
  7. Siren system

Monitoring of Home Alarm System

A home alarm system is generally monitored by the security provider through a centrally located station, which alerts the local authorities and house owner of break-ins. Unmonitored systems generally rely on the alarm sound or flashing lights to alert the neighbors. You can either opt for the purchase of a home alarm and monitor it yourself or opt for a basic monthly monitored system. Several security companies offer home alarm systems for free but seek long term monitoring contracts.

Adequate home security is possible through the installation of a single alarm or multiple alarms, depending on the level of security required. While fire alarms can save your home from catching fire, car alarms can prevent break-in and thus save you from significant losses. So you really need to judge the level of security required and contact a security services provider that offers risk assessment services too.

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