Did you know that any light that is below 6000 Kelvin and can be kept on the desks can be classified as a desk light? With shrinking corporate offices and rising population, these lighting solutions are being preferred to the traditional overhead lights. There are several other benefits of using this light source.

Advantages of Having a Desk Light

A desk light serves many purposes which a normal light would usually fail. They act as a personal light source and can serve cosmetic functions as well. Some of the main advantages of this kind of light are:

  1. Energy efficient

The biggest advantage of desk lights is their energy efficiency. Most desk lamps use CFL bulbs, requiring lower voltage that create light due to interaction with gases. Furthermore, since they are close to eyes, they are configured to emit lights under 3000 Kelvin. Other lights, such as LEDs are capable of producing similar illumination by consuming only 30 percent energy. This makes them energy efficient, thus resulting in savings over traditional lighting.

  1. Longer lives

CFL bulbs have a longer life than traditional bulbs since the gas in them gets consumed very slowly. In fact, some lights have a lifespan equivalent to 10 bulbs. The warranted life of a CFL bulb is more than the total life to an average bulb making them last longer. Also, a desk light is not used throughout the day.

  1. Range of power usage

As compared to traditional bulbs, a desk light has more options when it comes to a power source. A single tube light can be used at either 40V or 12V. However, for a desk light you have options ranging from 8 watts to 24 watts in CFL and 9 to 18 watts for LED lights. Such lighting options can also have full spectrum lighting that suits the need of those who require higher illumination. In fact for some lamps, electricity is not required. People can use batteries or solar cells to power up lamps.

  1. Limited area of focus

To begin with, a light allows you to focus a beam into a required area which is not possible in a regular light. The focused beam of light is an integral part of many businesses which makes better than normal lights. They also allow a person to work late nights and at odd timings without disturbing others.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

Lastly, this lighting solution could be used to boost aesthetic beauty of the desk. A lamp carved out of glass or even metal attracts attention and adds to the decor, while using dimmer shades or different colors to highlight certain areas adding a personality to your desk.

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