Contrary to the popular belief, full spectrum lamps that are usually marketed as “full-spectral lights” may not be exactly the same. Although full-spectral lights are able to generate and present light through the entire color spectrum, the light actually produced is not evenly distributed in the spectrum. These lights appear to be bright and shiny but they are not similar to full spectrum lamps. So, let’s find out more about the latter and their varied uses.

Varied Usage of Full spectrum Lamps

Full spectrum lamps work like normal lamps; however, they are brighter and the light they emit is crispier. While normal lamps generate light into one part of the color spectrum, these lamps distribute light evenly.

These lamps can be put to a number of uses, in addition to just transmitting lights. The usage ranges from professional color matching to medical treatments. Some of them are explained in details:

  • Art and color matching

Most artists paint in the North sunlight since it helps them choose a neutral color for their painting. This means that their painting is not affected by the color of light they use. In case of a yellow light, the whole canvas appears pale and thus artist may paint it too bright or bold. To avoid this, artists can use full spectrum lamps that emit fluorescent lights. They duplicate the natural source of light which helps them maintain uniformity in colors. Paint stores and color scientists also used these lamps to match colors in absence of natural light.

  • Gardening and horticulture

Plants require natural light to make their own food. However, certain seasonal plants can bloom throughout the year when exposed to these lamps. This reduces the harvest season, thus, boosting productivity. Scientists and agricultural experts also use these lamps to study the impact of light and changes in photosynthesis patterns to understand the effect of different colors of light over plants.

  • Medicinal usage

In a recent medical science discovery, these lamps have been a part of the treatment of a behavioral disorder known as the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In some patients, the absence of natural sunlight makes cardiac activities and the heart beat abnormal. Full spectrum lamps are used as a part of their photo therapy in which they mimic natural sunlight, acting as a stimulus for regularizing cardiac activities.

You need for these lamps may vary; however, it is a good idea to own these lamps as a source of bright and white light in your home.

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