The roof of your house keeps you safe from the scorching heat of the sun, force of the wind, chill of the outdoor air, rainwater, lightening and other natural phenomenon. But because a roof is exposed to weather at all times, many things can happen to it over time, such as holes, cracks, weathering and wind damage. Fortunately, you can always get a roofing contractor to do the repairs for you in Manassas VA.

If you a DIY type of person, repairing minor damages should be no problem. But you should be cautious and careful as as roofs can be slippery. Also, they do not have guard rails and if you slip you can easily fall and sustain serious injuries or even die. Therefore, repair of the roof should always be left to the professionals, if you are not one. While you can repair the minor damages in easily accessible places on your own, using hammer and nails, more serious damages require expert hands.

Here are some of the things that can go wrong with the roof of you house that you will need to call the experts for:

  • Wind damage: Strong wind can damage the roof seriously. Parts of it may become loose, fall off or be blown away. Wind damaged roofs can be dangerous as there can still be loose parts about the fall off. Therefore, they should be repaired immediately. Do not try to repair a wind damaged roof yourself as you may get injured, possibly fatally, if you slip or trip on a loose board.
  • Flashing failure: Flashing is the part that provides a watertight junction between sections of the roof, such as between the main part of the roof and the roof projections. Flashings are vulnerable and are the parts that are the most easily damaged. Leaks are often results of damaged flashings. Fixing damaged flashings require special tools and techniques, and you shouldn’t attempt it yourself.
  • Drainage failure: Every roof has a drainage system that disposes rainwater at a safe distance from doors and windows, and also prevents the retention of water on the roof. They system includes gutters, leaders, draining openings and scuppers. Drainage problems usually occur due to improper design, but they can also result from structural damages caused by wind and human actions. Drainage repair is the domain of experts and you should not mess with it even if you have the tools.
  • Leakage:Leaks usually occur due to holes, cracks and loose joints. While holes and cracks result from weathering, loose joints may result from improper design and structural damage to the roof. In the rainy season, leaks can make life miserable. If the leakage is small and in an easily accessible part of the roof, you can use your DIY skills to patch it up. But in all other cases, it is always sensible to get professional help.

When in doubt and in difficulty, always seek the experts. Finding a good roofing contractor in Manassas VA should not be difficult as there are a number of excellent home improvement companies in the area.

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