An annual scheduled technician visit for HVAC repair in Manassas will keep your system up and running for longer periods at a lower cost. However in case the system experiences a breakdown, it is important to know the basics to be able to identify the problem areas and provide the correct information to the HVAC repair technician. There are also few repairs that a homeowner can try and do it by him/ her.

This article focuses on the basics of trouble shooting and general repair of central air-conditioning.

Troubleshooting For HVAC Repair In Manassas

Look for the following signs or trouble areas that are minor and usually do not require a professional fix. If the condenser is not running, make sure that the power is on and the thermostat is set correctly. If the unit is not getting any power, there could be a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. You can replace these easily. Call a professional if the motor or the compressor is faulty.

If you are experiencing inadequate cooling even if the system has been running for a while and the thermostat setting is correct, the evaporator might have become dirty and needs to be cleaned. If the unit doesn’t cool at all, the condenser coil and fins need to be cleaned.

Evaporator Cleaning For HVAC Repair In Manassas

Locate the evaporator above the furnace in the plenum. This should be cleaned annually if the evaporator is accessible. If not, do not attempt to open it.

Remove the insulation wrapping from the plenum gently, remove the screws from access plate and lift-off the plate. Use a stiff brush to clean the underside area, try to slide out the evaporator a little without bending any pipes. Clean the condensation tray with a little household bleach. After the cleaning is complete, slide the unit back in place, screw back the access plate and cover it with the insulation wrap as before. Turn the air conditioner on and seal any sir leaks with tape.

Call a technician for HVAC repair in Manassas if evaporator cleaning doesn’t solve the problem for inadequate cooling.

Condenser Cleaning For HVAC Repair In Manassas

Locate the condenser units which it typically located outside the house. Before cleaning the condenser unit, remove any grass, shrubs or vines around it. Use a commercial coil cleaner to clean the coil and then the fins. Use a soft brush to remove the dirt. Remove the grill if needed, to reach the fins. Fins are usually very delicate due to their light gauge aluminum construction and should be handled with care. Make sure that the concrete pad or base of the condenser unit is leveled. When the condenser in not in use during winter and fall, keep it covered with a condenser cover.

A professional technician for HVAC repair Manassas can help you to troubleshoot any problems with your air conditioner. Talk to Refrigeration Systems technicians for scheduling an annual maintenance cycle. For more information go to website.