Cosmetic surgery procedures have grown in popularity over the years. Although most of them tend to be invasive, you also have the option of non-invasive procedures such as Botox. Not only is this treatment administered without anesthesia, but you tend to recover in a short time and can start noticing the results from the treatment in about a week. Although there are some side effects that are associated with this treatment, this should not worry you. The side effects are few and tend to arise from having injections rather than the Botox itself. Here are some handy tips that one can use after undergoing Botox McLean, VA.

  • Once you are done with the procedure, ensure that you put an ice pack to the areas that had the treatment done. You should hold the ice pack in place for intervals of about ten minutes each. The cold from the ice will go a long way in reducing the swelling as well as minimizing the amount of bruising to be expected.
  • If you have any commitments to attend once you have the procedure done, you should consider applying some cover makeup to areas that has the treatment administered to. Typically, these injections sites may be a bit red, thus, the makeup will do a good job of covering this flush of color. Typically, a light application of your favorite concealer should be enough to do the trick.
  • Never massage the injection sites once you have had the Botox treatment done. Applying unnecessary pressure to these areas is a sure way of helping the Botox migrate to areas that it was not intended for. This will end up paralyzing the surrounding muscles and you could have droopy eyelids as well as other unwanted side effects. When you go to bed, lightly splash some water on your face and sleep with your head facing the ceiling.
  • Give your body some time to recover from the Botox McLean, VA Granted, one is typically ready to up and leave once the treatment has been completed. The areas that have had the treatment done will, however, be sore and tender. Stay clear of any strenuous activities such as exercise or house cleaning for at least twenty four hours post treatment.
  • Once you leave the physician’s office where you had your Botox McLean, VA done, you need to stay upright or about three to four hours. Go home and keep your head elevated for this period of time so as to avoid any unwanted migration of the Botox to other areas.
  • Lastly, find out from your physician if there are any substances that you should steer clear from while in recovery such as some cleansers, forms of makeup and so on. You should also enquire about any facial exercises that will enable you to test your facial muscles for recovery.

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