People living near L.A. in places like CulverCity are no doubt anesthetized to the high prices on ordinary items. Sometimes these high prices are well worth it. Are expensive sunglasses worth the elevated price? The goal isn’t to justify the pragmatic nature of $1500 sunglasses, but instead comparing the $10-20 sunglasses you find at a pharmacy to the few hundred dollar range.

Is there any reason to pay extra? The cheap ones will stop you from squinting just as well right? Well, the important thing for sunglasses isn’t the ability to prevent you from squinting, but the fact that they make you see the world better. This can be something like blocking the light, but also polarization. The type of tinting matters too, instead of just adding a layer of dark between you and the world good sunglasses can enhance the contrast. Some sunglasses don’t make things darker but they reduce glare. Simply making things darker might make you squint less but that’s not the same as making you see better. The other important factor is the role in blocking UV rays. Good lenses block the UV rays and protect your eyes from their harmful radiation.

Then there’s the frames themselves. On particularly cheap sunglasses you’ll often find the “wire frame” is actually plastic painted to look metal, and glued instead of welded together. The screws are usually plastic and they’re rarely double hinged. In short they’re cheaply made and easy to break. The frames are also usually just poorly made, and cannot be replaced with optical lenses for those who are visually impaired.

The only real advantage they have is that losing or breaking them is not a big deal. Though if you frequently lose and break glasses the problem probably has more to do with you or your lifestyle. Some tips there are to not bring your sunglasses into stores or restaurants if you don’t have a good pocket for them, and instead to leave them in the car. If you’re a boater you want to get well made polarized lenses to protect your eyes and reduce the glare, you also would be wise to give in and buy the string that will make it so they hang around your neck.

Finding the right sun glasses for you in Culver City at an affordable price is a much easier task than it might seem. An often overlooked place to shop is the neighborhood eye care center. The staff there will be more than willing to help you find the pair that suits your lifestyle.

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