As a natural with 4C hair, wash day can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have the right products. When it comes to detangling 4C hair in a way that is effective and fast, the right product combined with the right technique is key. Here are some tips to help you cut down on your detangling time and prevent breakage.

Have the Right Arsenal

Your product is going to be your best friend as it will aid your technique and make the detangling process go by much faster. The more slippery the product is, the better it will work for tighter curls as it can help to prevent single strand knots, fairy knots, et cetera. Since water will only make curly hair even more curly, try to use a product that has lots of oils in it as well as a moisturizing base ingredient like aloe

Use Your Hands

Although there are a lot of special tools out there that are made just for detangling, using your hands is arguably the best tool for curly hair. When you use your hands, it allows you to feel whenever you come across a knot, so you can stop and gently separate it.

When detangling 4C hair, remember that curly hair is naturally “tangled” because curls automatically wrap around the other strands. Instead, focus more on removing shed hair by using a smoothing motion as this will allow you to distribute the product while the curls effortlessly separate themselves.

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