Efficient data centers are key to saving your company money and increasing productivity. However, you may be wondering what optimization options are available and how they can optimize the data center, making it even better than before. There are five main way to optimize the data center, though others are certainly out there. You can use one of the five ways or try and integrate them all into your data center.

Software Technology

Technology has come a long way in just a few short years so that now we can improve workload performance through software. One software program or a multitude of them through the same company called tools, can increase security, storage and networking abilities, which can create an optimization of your data center. Hardware is no longer required to do everything that must be done.

Cloud Computing

Data center optimization can also be achieved from using cloud computing. There are many reasons to do this, including new offers, more resources and better prices. It is now easier to link between public and private cloud environments, which means you can control over many cloud models without worrying about the physical infrastructure. Optimizing infrastructure in this manner allows you to use automation and keep some of the data center in-house.

Power Optimization

Remote location data centers are increasingly popular because many of these areas have a lower energy cost. Because you can move your data center to almost anywhere due to the bandwidth options, you can save money just by moving the data center’s physical location to a remote area where you can still retrieve all your information when it is needed.

Improve Environments of the Data Center

It seems there will always be hot or cold spots in your data center because of all the electronics running simultaneously. However, it is possible to optimize your data center to improve airflow, circulation and cooling. Because it can reduce operating costs, it is important to consider the flooring, aisles, server density and more, as well as using software to help spot problem areas.

Clear Management

Because of cloud computing and vast amounts of data, a new challenge has arrived for data centers: management. Management is very critical to the ease of use and abilities of all personnel in the data center, so ensure you know what is run on each system and make changes so that things run more smoothly.

Data center optimization can be achieved by many different ways. Consider DCIM by Raritan for the best options available.

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