Have you ever wondered how the advertisements that appear on your Facebook page match to something that you have been thinking about buying or at least have ‘Googled’ recently? I can let you into the secret of how it happens. No, your computer is clever, but it doesn’t actually know what you are thinking I can assure you! You can put this all down to pay per click, or PPC as it is otherwise referred to.

Say for example you have Googled ‘pink socks’ several times. Obviously there are thousands of sites with those words on them, but the manufacturers or vendors of pink socks have a vested interested in getting your attention and so those manufacturers or vendors with computer knowledge will have entered into a contract with a web site designer with knowledge of pay per click advertising.

So, how do the ads pop up on your screen? It is quite simple. When you click on web site there is a program in your computer that remembers the sites you visited. You have probably heard of ‘cookies’ and have likely been reminded by your computer technician to clear them out every once in a while; well those cookies are in the program that remembers the sites you have visited and are linked to your web browser which will direct you to a pay per click site.

None of this is free of course and the advertiser must pay a charge for every time his advertisement is displayed on a specific web page on a computer. This is called targeted advertising and is generally thought to be more effective than a random advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, or even television, because the person reading the advert on his computer has actually asked for the information and he really wants to know about the product for sale. Because the advertisement is getting to the interested and likely consumer, then the person or company who owns the web page will charge the advertiser a fee for every time his advertisement is called up by a pay per click.

If you would like to have your own World Wide Web page, it is preferable to get a dedicated web site company to arrange this for you. They will design the advertisement and they will know exactly which key words that you need to get the advertising traffic that you need to have your own pay per click advertisement. They will keep updating your web page too so that you get the highest amount of consumers possible with an interest in your product or service. The fee for experts to give you this contract will depend upon the service you need and there are various contracts that you can negotiate.

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