If 46.3 million American households decided to go on a two-week vacation to France, they would have to find a way to board their 78.2 million dogs. It’s almost less guilt-inducing to find someone to keep the kids (grandma and grandpa come to mind) than it is to board the puppy. Gone are the days of leaving the family dog in the neighbor’s backyard. So what does this mean to Rex the Basset Hound as his “pet parents” head off to the Mediterranean for holiday? For one thing, Rex’s owners have numerous choices for Rex’s care. They can select boarding kennels for their best pal ranging from basic and utilitarian to luxurious and coddled.

Basic kennels are probably best described as kennels for dogs who know they are dogs. Rex will get a decent-sized dog run, and he will be fed on time. He will get his meds, if any, and a complimentary bath at the end of his stay. For an extra fee, Rex can enjoy play time outdoors and an extra bath. While he won’t get a bedtime story from a human attendant, he will be safe, and he will learn to be patient. Many veterinarians in Austin board pets at their clinics as an additional service. If Rex’s owners feel more comfortable housing him with a veterinarian, this is the way to go. In Austin, costs start around $18 per day per pet. Some clinics even throw in free vet checkups for their boarders.

If Rex’s owners opt for the upscale boarding kennel, he will experience a kind of canine nirvana. According to the Pet Care Services Association, the upscale boarding kennel mirrors summer camp for kids: “Swim sessions, nature hikes, art projects, and special party events are found at many of our members’ pet resorts.” Pet hotels and pet resorts show videos, give manicures, and read books to their charges. At one chain, owners are allowed to telephone their dogs to talk to them – that is, hear them bark. An Austin pet “lounge” assigns a Lounge Host to each pet guest, and a nearby veterinarian is on call should the boarding guest show signs of illness. Costs at spa-like kennels range from $25-45 per night depending on the size of accommodation and the extra services provided.

No matter what size room Rex inhabits or how many baths and stories he gets (or doesn’t get), one thing is certain: He will be thrilled to see his mom and dad again. What can be better than going home to sleep on their bed and play in his own yard?

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