All pet owners seek caring and compassionate care from an animal hospital in Orange. Today, multi-disciplinary hospitals that offer a complete menu of services are popping up to provide an absolute continuum of care. Veterinary services, dental care, grooming, surgical specialty, in-house laboratories, boarding, and even training are being offered under one roof. This approach helps both pets and their companions are more at ease during any of these services as they get to know the staff and the facility. Complete pet care takes all of these disciplines to ensure that pets are healthy, happy, and well-behaved.


From time to time, we all have to leave our pets behind when we travel for business or pleasure. Our anxiety, as well as theirs, is palpable. A boarding center that is incorporated within an animal hospital in Orange offers a number of benefits. First, you and your pet already know the staff and the facility if you use them for veterinary and grooming services. Second, if an emergency arises, the staff is prepared to handle your specific pet’s needs as they are well-versed on their health and have all of their records at their disposal. Third, professional staff is attentive to their every need and provide for temperature controlled suites to ease anxiety and stress. When you need to leave your pet in the care of someone, choose a boarding service that is attached to your veterinary hospital.

Preventative Care

Just like you, pets need preventative care and wellness checkups. These checkups typically include an evaluation of your pet’s overall activity and health, blood and urine tests, blood pressure, glaucoma screening, and evaluation of your pet’s teeth and gums. Regular healthy examinations also give you the opportunity to bring to the attention of the veterinarian any changes in behavior, eating, drinking, or other habits. A thorough evaluation of your pet’s health helps to bring to light any hidden or lurking health problems. An animal hospital with an in-house laboratory to analyze blood and urine tests makes diagnosis easier, quicker, more efficient and more cost-effective than hospital that have to send samples to an outside laboratory.

Dental Care & Teeth Cleaning

Studies show that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral diseases. Symptoms your pet is suffering from an oral disease include tooth loss, receding gums, tartar buildup, rubbing or pawing at their mouth or cheeks, and bad breath. Just like in humans, periodontal disease contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and puts stress on their liver, heart, and kidneys. Regular dental cleanings help prevent serious periodontal diseases. Today, there are some veterinarians that are employing non-anesthetic dentistry techniques for dogs and cats. Your pet comfortably rests in the lap of the technician while they hand-scale, polish, and use ultrasonic equipment to remove plaque and debris. This non-stressful tooth cleaning technique is safer than anesthetic cleaning procedures, and much more cost effective.

Pets need love, training, grooming, shelter, and proper healthcare, just like their non-furry companions. Finding professionals you trust with your pets wellness can be a challenge. That is why it is best to find a multi-disciplinary pet center that offers veterinary care, dental care, training, boarding, grooming, and surgical services.

An animal hospital in Orange that incorporates all of these disciplines helps to create an anxiety-free zone for you and your pets.