Though the dangers of cage dryers have long been discussed among dog groomers, many professional facilities still use them. A cage dryer blows hot air onto freshly bathed dogs while keeping them contained so that groomers can tend to other dogs. Many vets and groomers have argued that the devices can be harmful to pets, especially when left unattended. However, there are dog groomers in the Louisville, KY area that still employ the use of cage dryers.

Teresa Gilland of Fair Oaks, California claims that her Lhasa Apso, Sadie, died of heatstroke after being left in a cage dryer at a pet center in her town. The dog became sick while inside a cage dryer and was transported to a vet suffering extreme respiratory distress. She was so sick that she was taken by emergency vehicle to another vet, but her situation got worse, and she died from severe heatstroke, according to the attending veterinarian.

Many dog groomers still use cage dryers despite instances of dog illness and death. Some of the dryers blow air only, other blow heated air that can reach high temperatures within the confined space of the cage. Though some dryers have a way to control the temperature, others have only one setting. According to some groomers, the problem is not so much the cage dryer as the groomer operating it. As one owner explained, it is very easy to get busy with other dogs or their owners and forget about a dog that has been put into a cage with a dryer.

One way to avoid the possibility of harmful cage dryers being used on your pet is with mobile dog groomers. Mobile dog groomers come to your home or some other agreed upon location. Most mobile groomers have a van that acts as a mini-dog salon. The van is equipped to provide full and complete dog grooming. However, because of size and location, only one dog can be groomed at a time, so there is no danger of your pet being put in a cage either for drying or even for holding while other animals are groomed. Mobile dog groomers rely on hand drying. This keeps your pet safe and also assures the one-on-one attention that your dog deserves.

If you are going to pay professional groomers to care for your dog, you want to ensure that your dog will be safe and will get the personalized attention that you think you are paying for. Mobile dog groomers in Louisville, KY can arrange a convenient and individualized dog grooming experience for your pet.

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