Have you been using the same electrocardiography or ECG machine since opening your private cardiology practice? Have you been noticing signs of wear and tear as it no longer provides accurate and precise examination results? Are you wondering what may be causing your machine to no longer perform optimally? If so, then here are two things to check on your ECG machine to help you determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.


One of the main things to check on your ECG machine is the electrodes that are being used when performing an examination. Check to see if the electrodes are securely attached or any damages that can hinder the performance of your machine. If you find that your electrodes are no longer attaching correctly, it may be time to replace them.


Another thing to check is if there is any accumulated debris from using a particular type of prep supply. Whether you use gels or lotions, ensure that your electrodes are clean to ensure not only the patient’s comfort but to also help your ECG machine perform as it should.

Searching for an ECG Parts Supplier

Perhaps you have found that your electrodes are in need of replacement as they have accumulated debris that is difficult to remove. You are now searching for a supplier that offers top-quality ECG electrodes to replace the ones you are currently using but are unsure who to trust to acquire them from. When searching for a supplier that offers only the best ECG electrodes in the market, consider choosing a reputable and highly experienced company to ensure you receive and use only high-quality ECG parts and supplies.