When you meet “the one” and agree to get married, you believe that your relationship is always going to be a fairy tale. However, what all those classic fairy tales never reveal is the fact that real relationships will take work, sacrifice and understanding. In some cases, you enter these relationships lacking the proper tools to manage all the challenges that you will face. The key to ensuring the longevity and health of your relationship is to know when it is time to seek Marriage Counseling in NJ. Some of the most telling signs you need this type of therapy are highlighted here.

Poor or Completely Lacking Communication

The majority of challenges you have in your relationship are due to challenges in communicating effectively. The counselor you use will help you and your spouse develop new methods of communication that make it more effective. In many cases, if your communication has deteriorated, it can be difficult to get it back on track without assistance.

When Conversations are always Negative

Anything that results in you or your partner feeling insecure, disregarded, shamed, judged or wanting to leave the conversation is considered negativity. This also includes the conversation’s tone, since it is not always what you have said, but the way that you say it. In many situations, continued negative communication will escalate into full-blown emotional abuse, in addition to non-verbal communication.

If you have Grown Scared to Talk

If you have arrived at the point in your relationship where you are simply too scared to bring up serious issues, then this is also the signs of a serious issue. The issue can be anything from money and sex to just annoying habits that are blown completely out of proportion. The job of your counselor is to help you and your spouse become clearer about the issues you have and understand what each other is saying.

Marriage counseling is a step that many couples have to take in order to save their relationship or finally realize that it is better for everyone to walk away. This therapy is completely necessary for a number of couples, especially those who are dedicated to saving what they have. If children are involved, this type of therapy is even more important since even if separation is decided on, you must still be around each other for your kids.

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