Suffering from neck and back pain can be excruciating and so limiting that it feels impossible to move. Chiropractors in Nanuet can help to provide a program of recovery from neck or back injury or maladjustment and there are certain steps you can take to manage pain between sessions.

If you work in an office setting, you likely have to sit all day which can increase stress on your back and neck that can exacerbate a deteriorating condition. While chiropractors in Nanuet can help teach you appropriate positioning and office ergonomics, the basic idea is to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your adjustable chair seat positioned so that your knees extend a notch higher than your hips. Push your chair snugly up to the desk. Use your armrests so that your arms and shoulders support your neck and relieve it from some of the stress of holding up your head. You may want to put a small pillow behind your lower back as well. These and other adjustments as advised by chiropractors in Nanuet can keep you from feeling as much pain, as well as enhance healing.

Many back injuries are caused or exacerbated by improper lifting. Appropriate lifting involves keeping your spine properly aligned and using your legs to lift rather than your back and abdominal muscles. Chiropractors in Nanuet can provide more precise instruction on appropriate lifting techniques, such as how to pivot rather than twist your body. Improper lifting can cause serious injury. Moreover, if you are engaged in any activity that involves reaching down, such as weeding or gardening, it is better to squat and keep your spine in a natural position than it is to bend your back by leaning over in a standing position.

Healing cannot occur without exercise, so it is very important that you work with your chiropractors in Nanuet to create a program of exercise therapy that you enjoy, and that is tailored to your specific needs. Movement of your spine will be key to any kind of exercise regimen. Injured discs and muscles cannot heal properly without strengthening and stretching. Muscles with tense trigger points are often loosened and relaxed over time with appropriate care and exercise.

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Being inactive, or merely putting up with the pain, will allow it to grow worse, and as you age, you may live out your years in a state resembling paralysis because of pain. Appropriate care provided by chiropractors in Nanuet, as well as appropriate diet and exercise, will help to ensure that such a vision of your future never comes true.

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