Chiropractors in Temecula CA are health care professionals that focus on musculoskeletal and nervous systems and how the defects in either affect an individual’s general overall health. Primarily, chiropractors will be called upon to treat back pain, neck pain, joint pain or headache. A chiropractor practices a drug free treatment regimen that is strictly hands on that includes the diagnosis and treatment. A chiropractor has deep skills in diagnosis and when necessary recommend to his patient that therapeutic and rehab services be sought and he will also attempt to alter nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes.

Chiropractors in Temecula CA will most often perform a procedure known as spinal manipulation or adjustment. Through the application of controlled force into joints which have restricted movement, the chiropractor can restore joint mobility. The cause of most traumas is tissue injury which can be the result of improper lifting of a heavy object, a repetitive stress injury or from simply sitting in an awkward position for an extended time period. In these and other causes the tissue undergoes chemical or physical changes that can cause inflammation and the associated pain and lack of movement. Through manipulation of the affected area mobility is restored and muscle pain and tightness is alleviated.

Chiropractors in Temecula CA do not inflict pain. The object is to relieve the pain the patient is in. After treatment there may be mild discomfort but this sensation will quickly leave.

Although chiropractors treat through physical manipulation they are not adverse to lab tests, diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and other diagnostic interventions to determine if, in their opinion, chiropractic care is the best solution. Chiropractors in Temecula CA will readily refer a patient to a health care provider if chiropractic is not deemed proper for the situation or the condition requires co-management.

Chiropractic goes back to the dawn of time. As far back as the ancient Greeks and Chinese there is written evidence of the maneuvering and manipulation of the spine. The great Greek physician Hippocrates declared in 400BC that knowledge of the spine was a requisite for the treatment of many diseases. Modern day Chiropractic care sees its roots in the late 19th century when a Dr. David Palmer founded the profession. Dr. Palmer was well read and well aware of the movements afoot in anatomy and physiology.

Today, Chiropractors in Temecula CA are on the sharp end of non-invasive care and science based approaches to ills. Chiropractic is recognized in all 50 states and in most countries of the world. The combined knowledge based on global research has changed the perception of chiropractics immensely over the years. Studies are being done all the time on the positive effects of chiropractic care and it is now concluded that society could save millions with proper chiropractic care in the workplace.

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