A chiropractic doctor happens to be one of the most misunderstood among all the health care practitioners in the profession. There has always been a cloud of doubt and suspicion that surrounds their work. All this stems from the belief that a health care practitioner administers treatment through the prescription of drugs and through surgery.

It is unfortunate that the masses prefer believing that medical treatment is limited to drugs and surgery. There is much more to health care than just that.

While it can be explained that people who have never received chiropractic treatment will not understand what it is, it is sad that even chiropractic patients are highly misled about the profession. The fact is that chiropractic is possibly the largest form of drug-free health care. Also, Chiropractic therapy in Naples, FL, as well as the rest of North America is the third largest form of health care being administered.

What is Chiropractic?

The word “chiropractic” can be broken into two Greek words, ‘cheir’ meaning ‘hand’ and ‘praxis’ which means ‘action’. So the blend of the two words translates to ‘done by hand’. Chiropractic is used as an alternative medical system during which the medical practitioner takes a different approach from the traditional form of medicine.

Chiropractic therapy basically focuses on the relationship between the structures of the body, including the spine and the bodily functions. Chiropractors use hands-on method of treatment that is widely known as manipulation as the main procedure.

Finding a chiropractor in Naples, FL, will not require much effort.

Can a chiropractor be compared to an MD?

It is a common doubt whether a chiropractor receives the same level of rigorous training that a Doctor of Medicine (MD) receives. The answer is ‘yes’, because a chiropractor receives extensive education and training in a full three-year course after which they advance into a course of study that lasts for four years. In fact, a chiropractic student, like a student of medical doctor, has to spend hours studying the human physiology. Moreover, the chiropractic courses require a combined minimum of 4200 hours in the classroom, laboratory as well as clinical experience.

The difference between an MD and a chiropractor is that while the former trains in surgery and pharmacology, the latter specializes in the care of the spine. There may not be any famous educational institutions that offer courses in chiropractic therapy in Naples, FL, but rest assured, you will find one who will provide with what you need.

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