When it comes to whitening teeth, North Americans spend time and money trying to obtain that million dollar smile for a few dollars. With so much interest in achieving that perfect smile, companies have created several different products. Among one of the newer ones is the whitening pen. Yet, what is a teeth whitening pen and how is it possible to recognize the best pen on the market?

What are Teeth Whitening Pens?

A teeth whitening pen is simply a repository of the whitening agent. In the case of whitening pens, the substance is either hydrogen peroxide or peroxide-carbamide peroxide. Both of these chemicals are chosen as the best means to remove stains and whiten the teeth. They are combined within the pen device in the form of a gel.

How much gel a pen contains, and the percentage of the cleansing agent within the pen, is dependent upon the brand of pen. The best teeth whitening pen on the market will be the most effective. In other words, it will contain a higher percentage of the active ingredient than its competitors do. It will, therefore, be able to whiten your teeth faster and more efficiently and successfully.

Advantages of a Whitening Pen

The best teeth whitening pens exhibit the characteristics that this device should exhibit. It is:

  • Easy to use – does not require any complex instructions provided in multiple stages. In other words, it is simple to take out and apply in a single action to your teeth
  • Not messy – does not leave a mess in your pocket, on your teeth or on your hands
  • Safe – no matter what the percentage of peroxide or other whitening agent it contains, the pen must not negatively affect your overall health
  • Easily accessible – found in any drug store or pharmacy and does not require a visit to the dentists or a prescription
  • Can be carried easily in a wallet, purse or pocket
  • Not so strong as to harm the enamel and the soft gum tissue surrounding them
  • Inexpensive – The cost of the whitening pens is not as expensive as dental treatments and is comparable to other methods of teeth whitening available OTC
  • Cost-effective – the cost of the best whitening pen gives good value for the initial and any following outlay of money

Trying to get that perfect smile is part of the dream of many men and women across North America. The best teeth whitening pens can help you move towards this goal. It can help you reach it without jeopardizing your health or your wallet. Click Website URL to read more.