There are several things to consider when you are trying to identify the best teeth whitening products on the market today. Knowing what makes something “the best” is often a very personal perspective. For example, some people may think the best teeth whitening products are those that create the biggest change in shade and brightness while others may think the best is the one that works the fastest.

When Speed Matters

Most tooth whitening products will produce some level of enhanced white on all but the most stained teeth. It is important to realize that no whitening product will remove stains from dental work including veneers, crowns and bonding. Whitening will result in the natural teeth becoming brighter while the dental work remains the same color. Talk to your dentist before any home teeth whitening to discuss your options.

When speed counts then the best teeth whitening products to consider are typically the in-office whitening services. This provides more concentrated carbamide or hydrogen peroxide for a much more efficient whitening process. Over the counter system are often at about 3% actual hydrogen peroxide or carbamide while home whitening products from the dentist can be between 10 and 20%. In-office treatments may be has high as 40% or more for quick changes in whiteness with just one session.

Use of Light

One way that both in-office and in-home best teeth whitening products speed up the whitening process is the use of a specialized light. This LED light helps to activate the whitening properties used in the bleaching agent for quicker and more remarkable results. This also slows down the time that you have to have the bleaching product on your teeth.

Your dentist can also help you choose the best teeth whitening products based on factors such as your natural tooth color, any gum conditions or possible tooth decay you may have as well as in considering your overall goals for the process.

Keep in mind that the longer the higher concentrated whitening products are left on the teeth the higher the chance for sensitivity after the treatment. The best teeth whitening products are used for the shortest possible amount of time, reducing the risk of this short term issue that can be problematic for a few days after treatment for some patients. Visit www.Website Domain for more information.