You will need a product liability lawyer in Toms River if you have been the victim of an injury due to a product that was either unsafe or defective, you may be eligible for compensation. The responsible for liability party in such cases could be the manufacturer, retailer or the designer. Product liability law is quite complex and proving the fault in a product liability case tends to get complicated. Also since you are potentially filing case against manufacturers and companies with extensive resources you will definitely need an expert lawyer in Toms River at your side to represent your interests.

Talk To Your Lawyer In Toms River About Categories of Defective Products Claims

Negligence is when an individual fails to perform his/her duty to exercise reasonable care to provide a safe product and it results in an injury. Negligence claims for product liability law could be for design errors, manufacturing mistakes and lack of warnings.

Strict Liability requires proof that there was unreasonable action on the part of a manufacturer, supplier or retailer and was the cause of injuries regardless of the product fault or intent.

Breach of Warranty means that the When the warranty on the product is violated, it is categorized as breach of warranty. In spite of the manufacturers or suppliers expressed or implied promise about the product being fee of defect, it was found to be defective.

Talk To Your Lawyer In Toms River About Common Injuries Caused By Product Liability

Product injury occurs not because manufacturers intentionally produce products to hurt someone but it is usually a result of bad design, lack of proper warning labels or defective parts. If the consumer has been following the instructions and using the product in its intended way, the manufacturer can be held liable for the injury.

Some of the common injuries could be severely injured limbs due to a defective steering or wheel brakes, deep cuts from a knife t hat had no safety instructions, burns or injuries from a defective electrical product, like, electrical blanket, spinal cord injury from defective airbags or seat belts and in most serious cases a wrongful death because of any of the above or other possible causes.

What Can A Product Liability Lawyer In Toms River Do For You

In cases of product liability injury, your lawyer in Toms River can help you get compensated for the damages:

Compensatory Damages is awarded to the injured party to cover the cost of lost wages, current medical costs or property damage due to the defective product. Court can also award compensation for physical and mental anguish due to the injury. Loss of Consortium is not applicable to every case but if the injury had a negative effect on the plaintiff’s marriage the couple is entitled to this compensation.

Punitive Damages are awarded to the plaintiff as a deterring measure to the defendant from continuing to manufacture and sell defective products.

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