We’ve all done it. You’re walking down the sidewalk, perhaps while talking on the phone, walking with a friend, or just mindlessly enjoying the fresh air and beautiful Philadelphia day. And then you stumble over something unseen. It’s an embarrassing moment, and often your first reaction is to look around to see who may have seen you fall. But when the stumble lands you on your backside with an ankle that’s throbbing as if it may be broken, that’s probably the last thing on your mind. You turn around to see what could have tripped you and notice an uneven spot in the sidewalk. It doesn’t look that big, but if it was big enough for you to break your ankle, then someone else is probably responsible. While you may feel that your resulting injury can’t realistically be attributed to anything or anyone other than your own clumsiness or inattention, a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia will explain otherwise.

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an organization that oversees safety standards for the purpose of protecting employees on the jobsite. However, OSHA also has standards in place to protect pedestrians from accidents and injuries just like the one described above. Cracks in sidewalks, wet floors, defective handrails, and such are the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that whoever visits their premises can expect to do so while being safe from harm.

In the case of the broken sidewalk, a municipality may be the responsible party. If a fall occurs on a wet floor in a retail floor, then it is up to the retailer to foot the bill. If an accident happens to a visitor in your home, you might very well be the responsible party, but let’s say that the person was injured in your home because a handrail came loose as they were climbing your stairs, and if it were the case that you had recently hired a contractor to install or repair the handrail, then the responsibility will go to that contractor. Sometimes, only one party is at fault; other times, there will be more than one party to blame. A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia has the skills to investigate what actually occurred and then determine who should be responsible for the damages.

It’s important to note that in the event of any personal injury accident in Philadelphia, and even more so with a slip and fall case, that the injured party consult with a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia right away. The lawyer will need ample time and opportunity to conduct his or her own investigation in order to build the most effective case possible on your behalf. And a prompt investigation also ensures that potentially responsible parties do not have the opportunity to disguise the hazard that caused your accident. A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia will also see to it that you have access to medical evaluation and treatments that you will need as a result of your injury. In addition to those considerations, your slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia can take care of many of the issues that could come about as a result of your injury so that you can focus on healing.

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