When considering the installation of ceramic tiles in Brooklyn that are destined for use on a floor there are only two things to consider; the functionality and the aesthetics of the finished floor.

From a functional viewpoint, make sure that the choice of ceramic tiles is the right choice to make. Ceramic tiles can be very slippery when they are wet so if the installation is going to be in a shower stall, around the tub or installed outside as a patio surface or a pool deck, consider the implications of taking a fall. Even though they are slippery, they are still the tile of choice for bathrooms because they are very easy to clean and maintain. When ceramic tiles in Brooklyn are used in the bathroom just remember to have a rubber backed floor mat so there is a safe surface to stand on after coming out of the tub or shower.

Ceramic tiles can crack if a large, heavy piece of furniture is placed on them, especially if the load is only on a small leg and not spread out over the perimeter of the piece. Even heavy foot traffic may break a tile. It is not difficult to replace a cracked or broken tile but it may be difficult to find the exact tile again, this is the reason why it is recommended that when you buy ceramic tiles in Brooklyn you buy a few more than you will need, eventually they will come in handy.

The greatest thing about ceramic tiles is the fantastic range of colors and designs they come in, the ability to create a magnificent floor or outdoor area is boundless. When designing the floor, select tiles that will match the existing décor or set a mood that you hope to accomplish. There is no doubt that a ceramic tile floor of a single solid color is dramatic, consider using a pattern inset into the solid color, this can make for a wonderful effect.

It can be difficult to imagine exactly how the floor will appear when you are in the tile store; often people will buy just one tile and see what it looks like when they get home. The lighting at home will be different, using not as glaring; also the tile needs to fit well with the colors of the room.

Italian Tile NYC has a very extensive range of The tiles are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs that are sure to match the décor of any room.