There is more to roofing than meets the eye. Once you hire a roof contractor Philadelphia, you do not just commence the roofing task immediately. There are several considerations that have to be made. The roof contractor has to determine whether you require a roofing permit or not. In some areas, a roofing permit is a mandatory requirement yet in some others, it is not. When working with a local contractor, he will be aware of the local building codes and requirements.

* When you are selecting a roof contractor, ensure that you are aware of your states building requirements. Consider whether the contractor at hand has the license to work in your state. Another factor to ensure is that the contractor has all the necessary permits. Failure to honor the roofing permits could subject you to hefty fines and penalties. Why subject yourself to such risks that can be avoided? As long as you honor all the set requirements, you will not be in trouble with the authorities.

* Some roofing tasks may not require any permit. For instance, if you are planning to repair a small portion of the roof, you may not need a permit for that. Usually, if you are hiring a roof contractor Philadelphia to perform minor repair tasks, you do not need a permit. However, for major roofing tasks such as replacing the entire roof or installing a new roof calls for a permit. Some people repair their roofs personally. This is not advisable as it is risky. However, for DIY tasks, a permit is not a mandatory requirement.

* Never at one given point allow a roof contractor to commence work without the right permits in place. As a homeowner, you may have vast questions regarding permits, regulations and codes. Always feel free to make any enquiries from the relevant authorities to be on the safe side. You had better ask than end up getting it wrong. Remember that on violating the permit requirements, the homeowner is subject to additional costs and penalties.

* In most cases however, it is the duty of the roof contractor to obtain the necessary permits. It is not the duty of the homeowner to obtain permits. This has to be well outlined in the contract however. This will ensure that the homeowner will not be held liable at any one given instance. If the responsibility bearer is not well outlined, the homeowner could end up being held liable.

* Once all the necessary arrangements are in place, the roof contractor Philadelphia can commence the roofing task. You just have to give the specifications to the contractor who will then handle the task from there. The department of building in your state may inspect the roof at various stages of development.

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