Heating and air conditioning systems should be checked visually as a matter of course, if it looks dirty on the outside clean it. For professional duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY it depends to an extent on the location. Supply and return duct work should both be inspected at the same time and other than for heavy industrial and healthcare facilities, once every two years is sufficient. Light commercial and residential systems are not really subjected to the same contaminates as heavy industry nor are the needs as stringent as they are in a health care facility.

All of these schedules have to be tempered a bit based on the locale. Installations in very humid areas such as Southern LA should be checked more frequently because of the increased risk of microbial infestation.

When duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY inspections are due they must not only include the duct work but the air side components as well. These components consist of the grills and vents, the coils and condensers, drip pans, bowers and blower housings. AQ sample of the duct interior should be taken and subjected to test for microbial infestations. The inspections should be done by professional contractors and must be done with due care not to disrupt and excessive amount of duct borne materials.

A visual check of the duct and plenum interiors will tell the inspector a great deal and based on the years of experience the inspector will recommend cleaning or suggest that another year can pass before cleaning becomes necessary. If mold is found during the duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY process then this issue should be addressed right away due to the health consequences. Mold growth can more or less be broken down into three categories; surface growth, limited growth and extensive mold growth. Surface growth will be eliminated by the brushing and vacuuming procedure; limited growth can often be eliminated by spot application of surface chemicals whereas extensive growth may require extensive work, including replacement of duct sections and insulation.

The schedule for duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY should be arranged between the building owner and the inspector. The inspector is usually an employee of a duct cleaning contractor who has had extensive exposure to duct cleaning and must possess verifiable knowledge of system design, function and current standards and practices. The inspector may or may not have the ability or the equipment to test for microbial contamination, but if not he will have connections with a qualified individual.

It’s not just the actual contaminates that may be in the system that will determine the need for duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY. Compromised overall performance, resulting in excessive energy demands will also be taken into account when determining the schedule. Clogged filters, restrictions and complete blockages can and will cause poor performance, degrade the flow of air and undermine the intent of the system.

Check with a qualified contractor and set up a schedule for duct cleaning in Chappaqua NY. The first call out will result in a free consultation and estimate.