Weddings are dear to all, as they form an intricate part of sweet memories, which are worth mesmerizing. You can make weddings more memorable by choosing right kind of flowers for your dear ones. To commemorate this sweet occasion, you can visit the nearest florist and find all the options that you can use to make a perfect wedding bouquet. As for most Christian weddings, flowers mean love, compassion and true sense of happiness. It conveys a lot more than words to make the couples feel loved, honored and cared. To find your perfect wedding bouquet of wedding flowers in Lehigh Valley, you may surf the Internet, as most of the florists own trade websites to advertise the varieties they have to offer you.

Of the most opted flowers, calla lilies, hydrangeas, red or white roses, tulips, gardenias, and orchids are the most popular. Either you may choose giving individual flower bouquets or devise out combinations of them.

Calla Lilies:

Calla lilies are seasonal blossom and keep sensitivity towards cold. These flowers are vulnerable to damage from direct cold and hence, they are difficult to find in winter or Christmas. Further, these flowers are susceptible to carry bruises particularly when they are shipped from outside. Hence, a fair delivery highly depends on the efficacy of courier service in handling your flowers.


Hydrangeas are available throughout the year in all seasons. However, they too show variation in their prices depending on their demands, supply and shortages. Moreover, finding Hydrangeas in winter at cheap rates is almost next to impossible. Hydrangeas need water to last for 4 hours after they are plucked, especially in summer seasons. It is ideal to take good care of them, especially while storing them before the actual occasion. If you get a pre-delivery of Hydrangeas for wedding flowers in Lehigh Valley, then do not panic, as simply place them on a wet foam or container filled with water to keep them fresh.


Roses readily find acceptance as a wedding flower, since they resemble and depict love and emotions quite evidently than most other species of flowers. You can choose between white, red and pink flowers for wedding.


They are available in all seasons of year. Apart from being available throughout the year, they are quite affordable too. White tulips look gorgeous, but they need extra care to handle, as they are prone to damage.


Similar to Tulips, Gardenias are available around the year as well. They look spectacular when kept in bowls filled with water. However, they are quite expensive. People just love their presence at marriages, as they give out a distinctly strong fragrance. You can club one of them with other wedding flowers in Lehigh Valley, but you need to be very careful here, as they can get spoiled very easily.


Orchids can largely vary in prices depending on the season and their demands in the market. They are great choices in summer, as they can strongly fight back dehydration and heat.

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