Selecting MotheroftheBridedressescan often be a challenge. The biggest challenge is not necessarily finding a dressthat the motherlikes, but finding one that both the motherand the bridelike, and that is also wedding appropriate. Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing your motherofthebridedress, so that you can avoid making a fashion faux pas.

  1. Don’t upstage the bride:This one should be pretty obvious, but it bears repeating. If the bridesdressis simple, your dressshould be too. If the bridehas opted for a fancier dress, you can up the level of your dressas well. The guiding principle here is that you should always keep your dresstoned down a level or two from that of the bride. This also means that you shouldn’t wear a dresswith a flashy color or cut – unless the briderequests it or the color is part of the color scheme of the wedding.
  2. Don’t wear white: You want to look like the motherofthebride, not the bride, so don’t wear white. Anyone who wears white to a wedding runs the risk of looking like the bride.Give your daughter the attention she deserves, and dressso that you cannot be mistaken as the bride.
  3. Coordinate with the motherofthegroom: Aside from the brideand bridesmaids, you and the motherofthegroom will be two of the most important women at the wedding. It only makes sense that you should coordinate your outfits before hand. This serves a double purpose. First, it ensures that you aren’t wearing clashing colors. But it also prevents you from showing up at the wedding wearing the same dress!
  4. Don’t clash with the wedding party: As the motherofthebride, you’ll be in many of the wedding photos. You should find out the color scheme of the wedding from the bridebefore you go dressshopping. This way, even if you don’t match the colors of the bridesmaid dressesexactly, you will still be coordinated with them for a more pleasing visual effect.
  5. Consult with the bride:While the ultimate purchasing power over motherofthebridedressesis up to you, you should take your daughter’s wishes into consideration. If she really doesn’t like a color, don’t buy a dressthat color. She may also have specific wishes regarding the length or cut of your dress. It’s her special day, so do all that you can to make her happy, while still wearing a dressthat you love.

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