Wills ensure that your assets and heirs are protected even after your death. Without one, you could leave a mess of properties and assets behind. Here’s what you need to do:

Figure out if you need a lawyer or not

While you can certainly divide and distribute assets or assign someone who will, having the assistance and guidance of an experienced estate planning lawyer in Gig Harbor WA can help you finalize the details better. But not all everybody needs a lawyer. If you haven’t got children or not enough assets to leave behind, then online services can suffice, says Investopedia. However, if you’ve got several properties and want to provide your family with the best option, then hiring an estate lawyer is a must.

Check with the state or local Bar Association

Start off your search by checking these out. This way, you’ll generate a list of prospective lawyers that much faster.

Ask people you trust

Chances are, you know one or two people who’ve already wills made. So reach out to them for suggestions and recommendations. They might just give you the name you need. You could also request your friends to reach out to their own contacts and to let you know. You might not know someone who fits the bill but one of your friends or family might.

Call them up

Have a ready list of questions you need to know before you put in that call. That should help you keep things on track. Determine experience and specialization. Don’t forget to ask about fees as well. You’ll need to budget your costs so this should be one of the first questions on your list. It won’t hurt to ask for references too. Make sure to call up those references, though. Don’t let them go to waste. Reach out to those people and ask about the reputation of the lawyers you’ve interviewed.