The need for repairs to Roofing in Gig Harbor WA area can tempt homeowners to try fixing the leak themselves if they are do-it-yourself types. Two main problems are involved with this. One is that finding the source of a leak can be difficult & since water tends to travel from the source to somewhere else before it appears inside the house. A homeowner can spend a lot of time and money attempting to fix a leak and still have a leak in the roof. In fact, amateur attempts to fix a leak can sometimes worsen the situation. A professional roofer typically guarantees the completed work and makes sure the issue is resolved.

Second, there are significant safety issues involved with doing work on a roof. If someone does not have substantial experience working at heights, the risk of an accident is more likely. Trying to save money by making DIY repairs in this particular endeavor instead of hiring a contractor who does Roofing in Gig Harbor WA, can wind up costing a lot more in the long run.

An article published in USA Today noted that when the economy is struggling, emergency rooms see more patients who were injured during DIY projects. An inexperienced person attempting to find and stop a leak or replace Roofing shingles after a storm is at risk of falling off a ladder, or the roof itself or being injured by a power tool. Falling from a significant height carries the risk of severe bone fractures, a traumatic brain injury, and even a fatality.

A review of statistics covering 15 years that was published in a medical journal found that more than 2 million U.S. residents needed emergency room treatment for injuries related to working on a ladder. Some 200,000 of those patients required hospitalization. When the location of the accident was listed, it nearly always was at the person’s home. Most of the injuries were fractures.