Anger can sometimes boil deep within us, or constantly be on the surface. This can lead us to lash out at others and can even cause us to react violently or inappropriately when faced with conflict. If you are finding your feeling more anger in your life prophetic directions can help you lead a more peaceful life.

Peaceful Life

Jesus wants us all to lead a peaceful life free of anger, violence and strife. He said that we should not allow ourselves to feel fear or to become disturbed or agitated. He wants us to lead our lives with a calm mind and open heart. However in today’s world there is so much stress rising up around us. If you are a parent you see more and more fearful things threatening to lead your child down the wrong path from gangs and violence to drugs and sexual activity. For ourselves we see more financial pressures, stress from work and stress on our relationships. None of these things are intended to be the way God wants us to live. Using prophetic directions can help you find a way to be more meditative and seek to find a way to remain calm and at peace in your heart.

Understanding Peace

So many of us go through life without controlling our emotions and understanding that an inability to control anger means we are not happy. Anger stems from frustration as well as a lack of control over certain situations. Believe it or not, when you have a clearer understanding of what peace means and why God wishes it for all of us you will soon learn the best way to avoid anger is to trust in God. When we trust in God we feel more in control of a situation and recognize things for what they are. Whether it is stress at work, a child misbehaving or living in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, when you trust in God you trust that he intends only good things for you and your patience will grow knowing it is just a matter of time before you are living the peaceful life he wants for all of us. Prophetic directions show you a clearer path to God so you can live in his light with a calm heart and peace of mind.

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