A garage door consists of only two main parts, the door and the door opener. This article will deal with how a garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI is done.

An overhead garage door is one which swings up in one large piece of made of several small sections that roll up into their track. The door has a series of rollers which allows the door to move in a heavy metal track. The power to roll the door up is done by a spring or springs. When a garage door is not working the repairs are generally quite simple as there are very few parts which can fail.


First off, when starting the garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI, check the metal tracks in the garage. These tracks are mounted to the garage walls with brackets, check to see that one or more of the brackets has become loose. If you find a loose bracket, tighten it back securely. With the garage door in the closed position, inspect the full length of the tracks for any dents or flat spots’ which impede the movement. If you find any track damage this can often be repaired by banging the dent out with a black of wood and a hammer. If the damage cannot be repaired, the track will need replacing.

The second step is to check the tracks for level and alignment. The horizontal track should be on a slight slant towards the rear of the garage and the vertical tracks must be exactly plumb and both tracks must be on the same height from the garage floor. If you find that the tracks are not perfectly aligned loosen the brackets that hold the track, do not remove the brackets, just finger tight. Tap the tracks into the perfect position, check once again for level and plumb and tighten the bracket bolts.

Often a garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI is as simple as finding an accumulation of dirt and grime in the tracks. Clean the tracks thoroughly with an industrial cleanser.

On doors that swing up check the spring mounting plate to make sure all the fasteners are tight. On roller doors check all the hinge plates that hold the door sections together, tighten all the screws and if a hinge is damaged, replace it. Garage door repair in Rochester Hills MI will also check to see that the hinges are the cause of sagging. The hinge takes considerable abuse during operation and at times a screw will have enlarged the original hole. If this is the case, enlarge the hole and plug it with a hollow plug which has been dipped in glue. Use a new screw. If the wood itself is cracked, remove the hinge plate and fill the cracks with plastic wood, if at all possible relocate the hinge to a new position.

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