Many homes and businesses throughout the Minneapolis area have a flat roof instead of the traditional pitched or sloped roof. There are many benefits to this type of roof and there are different types of flat roofing Minneapolis materials than can be used in these cases. Here are those types and some information about them so you can make an informed decision about the kind that is best suited for your needs.

Tar and Gravel This is the most basic type of flat roofing Minneapolis style that many businesses choose. With this type of flat roofing, there are layers of waterproof materials that are alternated with smooth gravel and tar. One of the benefits of this type of flat roof is that the gravel acts as a great fire retardant. This is also one of the most affordable options available if you choose a flat roof for your business.

Modified Bitumen This type of flat roofing Minneapolis material helps shield your roof from water and ice. It adheres to your roof and it comes in rolls so it is easy to install. While this type of material is something that you can do yourself, it’s best to have a flat roofing Minneapolis professional do the job for you to ensure that it is done right. One of the benefits of this material is that it has a light color so it reflects light and heat which can save you money on your utility bills during the summer months.

Rubber Membrane If you’re looking for a rubber roof, EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer may be ideal for your commercial building’s flat roof. This material is designed to resist damage that can result from the sun’s rays. Professional roofers can either fasten the material to your roof using fasteners, stones or even glue. With a rubber membrane roof, leaks are easily patched and it is resistant to tears and other damages, but it can absorb heat which can cause your utility bills to increase.

Metal Although not very popular, your flat roofing Minneapolis professionals can install a metal roof for your business. There are several types of metal roofs to choose from, including tin and copper. However, these are often some of the more expensive options to choose from and thieves often steal pieces from these roofs so they can take them to the scrap metal yard and sell them for cash.

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