Did you know that the first lamp was invented in the 7th century BC? In that era, lamps were made of hollow rocks and moss was combined with animal fats as replacement for modern day wicks. Lamps have come a long way off since then. In fact, till the 18th century, lamps served only practical purposes; nowadays, these are primarily used for home decoration purposes. An ideal example of this is the widespread use of accent lamps.

While the online and offline market, both, hosts a huge variety of accent lamps, it is important that you go through some crucial tips before purchasing.

Accent Lamps: Tips to Choose the Best One

Accent lamps can create a soothing ambiance in a room. Normally, this kind of lamp will be about 24 inches tall; however, the online market offers a huge variety. Read through the following tips to make sure that you make a good purchase for your home:

  1. Placement

You need to ensure that the lamp design complements the architecture of the room you plan to install it in. Keep the size of your room and height of the architecture in mind while opting for lamps. In case the artwork is huge, you might require 3 – 4 lamps to in order to highlight it properly. For small art pieces, you can opt for one lamp with a strong light source.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of using an accent lamp plays an important role in the decision making process. If you want a lamp for decorative purposes, you can opt for a small ornamental lamp. You must keep in mind that reading in ornamental lamps can prove cumbersome. For reading purposes, you can opt for large table lamps from well known providers. Experienced companies will offer beautiful lamps which will fulfill both your practical and decorative needs.

  1. Height

If you are placing a buffer lamp adjacent to your couch, you should not place it at the eye level. This might bother the person sitting next to it. Therefore, it is recommended that you adjust the level of the accent lamps to the level of a person’s ear. Furthermore, you can use wall sconces for areas, such as halls, foyers and stairways and get them fixed a little bit above the eye level so that the bulb is properly camouflaged.

Professional decorators believe that proper lighting is crucial to making a home appear beautiful and cozy.

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